Mastermind Group

Feeling Lonely at the Top?

Then Mastermind May Be For You.

Do you:

  • Feel isolated as a business owner?
  • Want to grow your business but aren’t sure how?
  • Wonder if you’re making the right business decisions?
  • Wish you had a board of directors whose expertise and advice you can trust?


Then joining a NAWBO Mastermind Group may be just what you need. The purpose of Mastermind is to promote problem-solving and creativity among a small group of business owners in a safe, supportive, constructive environment.


How do they work? Typically a group consists of 4-8 NAWBO members who meet every 4-6 weeks, develop their own agenda based on members’ needs, agree to total confidentiality, and have a rotating facilitator who helps keep the group focused and on time. Sample topics for discussion may include reviewing a marketing brochure, handling a difficult customer, developing new business areas, etc. Typically, groups consist of non-competing members with no set agenda other than to keep each other on track. Or NAWBO members in the same industry may form a group to share experiences and knowledge.


Members of Mastermind groups formed under our NAWBO-CNNJ chapter must belong to NAWBO and also be business owner involved in management, with the power to make day-to-day business decisions. They must also be willing to sign nondisclosure agreements.


If you think you could benefit from the NAWBO Mastermind experience, e-mail our Mastermind Chair Helen Hogan at We will help you find the best group based on location. If you are willing to start a new group, we will forward to you the information about the other interested members and their group preferences so that you can see if anyone would be a good match. Questions?

E-mail our Mastermind Chair Helen Hogan with the following information:

# of yrs in business:
Best times to meet (am, lunch, pm):
Purpose (e.g., business growth, life balance, new business, new direction, etc.):
Willing to start new group: