Let’s Celebrate Hearth Month – Managing Stress

Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle.  ~Bill Phillips

February is heart month – as well as a historically significant month for women in general. On February 27th, 1922, American women were guaranteed the right to vote by the United States Supreme Court. To be able to take full advantage of this right, you have to remain heart healthy. There is not a better time to be proactive about your health than during the heart disease awareness month. But we all know that there is nothing more stressful than obstacles that are naturally part of day to day business operations.

Being a business owner, for you, stress is unavoidable, but it should be manageable. Of course running a business is by no means easy, especially with a fully loaded personal life. However, you should know that stress can be deadly for your heart (and then business) if it gets out of control. There are simple techniques that can help you with potentially stressful situations. The American Heart Association suggests a few ways to reduce the build up of stress. They say that you should “engage in daily physical activity, slow down, practice giving back, get organized, and try not to worry.”  Reading this list of suggestions probably made you more stressed out about your business than you were initially. These are all great ideas, but sometimes not so easily executed. It is undoubtedly difficult to fit in a daily dose of exercise with all your business responsibilities. Plus, how are you supposed to slow down if everything has a deadline? Practice giving back? If there is not enough time in the day for yourself and your family, where do you fit in the time to volunteer for others?  And of course if you were not organized in some way, you probably would not be running your own business.

Not to worry, laughter, which is also suggested by the American Heart Association, is the best medicine. If you can laugh at the little things, your stress levels are bound to go down. And there is always time to take a few deep breaths and take on the problem, whatever it may be, head on. Your business depends on your health and you need to do whatever it takes to keep yourself healthy.