New Member Spotlight: Lynne Eichenbaum

Lynne joined NAWBO-Central & Northern NJ in September 2020 and she is thrilled to be a part of the organization. A former daytime television associate director and stage manager, she is the owner/creator of a patented line of long-sleeved gardening gloves called NOMPIs, (NO More Poison Ivy).


The idea for NOMPI gloves was born when Lynne contracted her annual case of poison ivy after weeding her side yard. “Most of us don’t change into a long-sleeved shirt when we are outside pulling weeds,” says Lynne, an avid gardener. “It’s summer, it’s hot, and we’re sleeveless. We see a few weeds, slip on our classic wrist-length gloves, and begin pulling. Before you know it, our arms are scratched up and itching like crazy. I envisioned a gardening glove with an attached lightweight breathable sleeve that was machine washable. I searched all over the internet and no one sold anything like it, so voila! I invented them. My design patent came through in May and I am so excited!”


Lynne had just begun attending the big flower and garden shows when the pandemic hit. “This past spring, I brought my NOMPIs to the Connecticut Flower and Garden Show, and to the huge Philadelphia Flower Show where they were very well received. I had a ton of forward momentum when everything suddenly ground to a halt,” says Lynne. “I switched gears for a few months, making masks and donating them to local hospitals and frontline workers. Friends began asking if I would sell them, so I added them to my product line to fill the need.”


Lynne (who is also a self-published author of 10 children’s books titled “Remote Control Adventures”), has booked out next spring in anticipation of the full reopening of the trade show circuit. She is excited to bring consumer awareness to NOMPI Gloves, scale up her business and expand her wholesale market. She currently sells primarily through her online store and on Amazon, and is carried by a few garden centers in central Jersey near her home in Montgomery Township, where she and her husband are raising their three children (ages 17, 15, and 11). Lynne can be reached at