Support performance

Your control center

Simplified metrics that connect ticket volume with channels, agent activity and more. Easy-to-interpret data and insights to measure your efficiency and fuel your planning.

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Support performance

Simple answers for the hard questions you ask every day

Key metrics for efficiency

How many messages does it take to close a ticket, on average? What is your first response time on Instagram? Support performance statistics provide key metrics that answer important real-life questions — all at a high-level that's easy to absorb.

Support performance
Support performance

Resolution time

Every ticket represents your customer’s need for your attention and care. Monitor resolution time by channel and agent to see just how much intervention is needed. Guide your resources to accommodate and improve on the time it takes to get a 5-star rating in every ticket.

Anticipate the spike before it happens

Are there times and days that are busier than the others? With support performance statistics, you can easily see when you receive the most inquiries during the week. Focus the heat map by channel or tag to identify the intervals where your team is needed the most. Then, plan for your busiest times to optimize your resources.

Support performance
Support performance

Support performance
“Thanks to Gorgias’ intuitive interface and deep integrations with all of our Shopify apps, our small team is able to work efficiently and scale up while still providing a high level of customer support.”

Danny Taing, Founder & CEO, Bokksu

Simplified statistics to stay on top of your support performance

One-touch tickets

Some conversations take time, while others take just one response. See the percentage of tickets that were closed with only one response from an agent or an automated rule. This will help make your forecasts rock solid, because you'll know how many touches it takes to close your average ticket.

Tags provide a snapshot

Tags quickly give you the context of a ticket (e.g. urgent, return, VIP, wholesale, etc.) In support performance statistics, you can use tags to review, at a glance, which topics, intents or feedback were the most popular. Filter by channel or specific date ranges to narrow your focus, or click on the total number of shipping and status tags to see the pre-filtered view with all the associated tickets.

Which channel is the most popular?

Most customers reply by email. While this may be true for most ecommerce brands, you don't have to assume. See what channel your customers use the most to reach out to you. With messaging apps and social media on the rise, the level of investment you need to make in a channel should be based on the traffic you get.

Business intelligence, simplified

Go to the Support Performance screen to get deep insights on your resolution time and first-response time, at a glance. We remove the outliers so you can compare your overall performance to the median, while making assessments on the overall trend.

Revenue statistics

Turn support into a profit center. Every ticket is an opportunity to build stronger relationships that drive sales. Keep track of the conversations that bring revenue in support performance statistics. Use the insights in revenue statistics to rightfully take credit for your team’s contribution to month-over-month revenue, all while building invaluable loyalty.

Look closer by channels

Filter by channel, agent or tag to focus your metrics and investigate performance in silos. Keep track of your first response time for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Start seeing the impact from the first week

Deflect tickets
30% of all inquiries are about order status, returns and cancellations. You can automate these inquiries using self-service and managed rules.
24/7 support
Customers shop online 24/7. With self-service, your customers can get the help they need outside business hours, without the overhead cost.
Generate revenue
Customers are more likely to make a purchase if their product questions are answered. FAQ in chat helps educating customers and promote your brand.

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Improve support performance with simplified metrics in Gorgias

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